Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Exercise Verbal Aikido to keep your COOL!

Aikido is a form of martial arts focused on protecting both the attacker and the defender. To perhaps oversimplify: if they’re pushing, pull; if they’re pulling, push.  Push back and you’re creating conflict!

The first technique of verbal aikido is Selective Agreement—look for something you can agree with in what the person is saying.  Too often we’re looking for how we can correct them or disagree with them.  Your fallback phrase?  “You may be right, and…”

The best way to respond to sarcasm is to use Limited Response . Respond only to the words or subject of the remark not the emotion or tone behind it.  Say the words in your head without the tone and respond to them.  That way you don’t get hooked!  And a third technique?  Be the Goat! Practice these and you’ll be better able to coexist with life’s difficult people—stay COOL when things heat UP!

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