Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Engage Your Audiences and Produce Results!


Don't miss this rare opportunity!  My popular one-day presentation skills workshops are usually sponsored by an organization and only open to its members. On October 17, 2012, I'm offering How to Engage Your Audiences and Produce Results! and invite you to attend.  Check out the details below, then contact Jan to register at 206.818.6689 or

Who should attend?
• Presenters who want to engage audiences and produce results 
• Trainers who create curriculum and facilitate training sessions
• Youif you want ideas you can use in your next presentation! 
Lots of feedback
You will have a number of opportunities to make short presentations and receive feedback from both the trainer and other participants.

Terrific take aways
Besides all kinds of keepers, you'll receive a complete 29-page workbook which includes worksheets for you to use when developing your presentations. 

After this workshop, you'll be able to:
• Design a program that meets the needs of your audience
• Apply the principles of adult learning so your key points stick
• Structure a presentation that is compelling and easy to follow
• Reinforce your points with appropriate visuals, props and activities
• Project a confident, professional delivery to engage your audiences
• Handle questions comfortably and deal with confrontation

Here’s what past participants have said:
“Thanks, Jan! I really enjoyed your workshop and learned a lot. It was nice to be with such a supportive audience while performing something where I felt so nervous, anxious and uncomfortable. Every mini-presentation seemed a little easier as the day went on with all the helpful information and feedback I received. Great class!”

“Jan is one of the best presenters we have ever brought in for this sort of training. She is clearly an expert in her field and is also very passionate about what she does. She found a way to deliver feedback (even when not necessarily positive) in a non-threatening but constructive way. I know I will utilize many of the lessons she taught me today.”

Don't miss this workshop on October 17, 2012. It will be held in the Kent area from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm for a cost of only $299 per person.  You'll receive information about preparing for the workshop and directions to the location after you call Jan at 206.818.6689 or email to register

Be sure to be there!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A beautiful, talented woman died yesterday

Kathi Goertzen, Anchor for KOMO News─Seattle's ABC affiliate─for decades, died yesterday after her battle with brain tumors. I had the joy of working with Kathi for years as her wardrobe consultant. Our "closet clean outs" and shopping trips were full of laughter─for Kathi had a wonderful sense of humor. I loved selecting clothes in red and purple to complement her beautiful green eyes. Of course, red and purple played in her life, too, as an avid Coug from WSU. We shared our alma mater and always wanted to see the crimson and grey win out over the Huskies in purple!

Working with her at the very beginning of her career I remember saying to her, "What do you DO in your shoes?" For they were always beat up. Well, she worked in them─and worked hard! And then there were the pens. She'd stuff one in her pocket, not noticing the cap was off. Yes, ink spread out for all to see. Of course, all of this was hidden to viewers when she became the anchor behind the desk. And by then her shoes weren't beat up and she no longer stuffed pens in her pockets. She still worked very hard and moved comfortably into the elegant, gracious, talented journalist that she was to the end.

Kathi came to a celebration of my ten years in business and spent much of the evening sitting and visiting with my Dad. I had told her that he had a "crush" on her. Of course, he wasn't alone. Kathi was beloved by her colleagues, viewers, friends and family. Please read more about this extraordinary woman at