Monday, October 17, 2011

The very essence of unconditional love

Today Margaret Smith would have turned 92. I've known her since the moment I was born and always as Pinky. She died this July. Pinky gave me─and by generously giving it to me taught me─unconditional love. In this picture, we are at a party celebrating her 90th birthday. Since she suffered from macular degeneration, her daughter asked me to read the cards she had received the day before. Cris had been reading cards to her for weeks─and fighting back tears just as I did that day. You see, Pinky touched many of us with her warmth and love.

My Dad and Pinky's husband met in college and she and my Mother became life-long friends. Pinky hosted the shower for my Mother when she was expecting me! As is true of many good friends, they couldn't have been more different. My Mother was exuberant and always wanted to help people improve, grow, learn. Pinky was calm and wanted you to know you were wonderful─just the way you were. I am who I am because they were both in my life. Those dearest to me know of Pinky because they receive my unconditional love. Well, that's what I intend to send their way! We are all always growing. To whom can you give unconditional love? Someone will cherish you for it─for their entire life.