Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Get buy-in and improve meetings─have the group evaluate the meeting

A recent survey by cloud-based presentation platform Prezi, in collaboration with the Harris Group, found that 46% of American workers admitted to texting, checking email or social media, browsing the web, or even falling asleep during a meeting.  Besides being rude and showing a lack of social awareness, what could be the cause? 

One thought? Lack of buy-in on the part of the group.  Besides sending out a thorough agenda ahead of time, coming prepared and keeping the group focused, consider having the group fill out a brief evaluation just before leaving the meeting.  If you act on their suggestions, it will give them buy-in.  And, it will give you ideas for improving the next meeting.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Are you ready for the next meeting?

At a recent Professional Development Program I led for the Washington State Association of Counties, a County Commissioner had a brilliant idea! When leading presentation skills, I give the group a planning sheet to fill out before each presentation.  Her idea?  Think about these questions enroute from one meeting to the next.  That way you arrive at the next meeting prepared to focus, contribute and read the other participants.  I have another form to fill out for those leading a meetingwith ideas for preparing for the meeting ahead of time.  Yet I thought her idea of using this formhaving these questions in mind as she moved to the next meetingwas a terrific idea.  Here are the questions:

1. What is the situation?

2. What do I need to accomplish?

3. Who is the audience? Who will be involved?

4. What will influence or persuade themtheir criteria?

5. What do I need to focus on regarding my nonverbals?

6. What reaction do I expect the audience to have? What are some nonverbal behaviors they may demonstrate that will give me clues as to their reaction?

May you be prepared for the next meeting and the meeting after that and the meeting after that...  All day long!