Monday, May 5, 2014

New ownership means great service at coffee shop!

The coffee shop next door to my condo is now under new management─Mark's the owner and Maddie's the head barista. I stopped in to welcome them and let them know that it was an uphill battle. The last ownership and staff did pretty much nothing right.  One night soon thereafter I walked by and noticed the only light was coming from the open the kitchen. Stopped in the next day and suggested they leave one of the table lamps on near one of their many, welcoming seating areas. Checked it out that night and there it was! OH, and they remembered my name when I stopped in to say, "Hooray!" the next day. Clearly they know how to listen and understand customer service! Besides that, they make wonderful coffee and serve delicious food. And, they now have a selection of local brews that hit the spot when you need a beer. Next time you're in Seattle and near the Olympic Sculpture Park, stop in and pick up lunch or coffee. Then you can walk the half-block to the Park and enjoy great views and great food. They're on First Avenue between Broad and Eagle. (Yes, a very short street that gives you a direct view toward the Eagle by Calder in the Park...). Great food, great coffee, great brews and great service - with a smile! 

And they leave the light on...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Dazzle them with flowers or a handwritten thank you note!

My wonderful speaker agent - Cheryl Ferguson of 5x5live - called me the other day to see if she could stop by to deliver something. She arrived with flowers and a handwritten card. Reminded me how often our thank yous are sent via email. And what a difference such a thoughtful effort makes!  So, a reminder for us all. Next time someone does something nice for you, mail (yes, snail mail) them a handwritten thank you note. Better yet?  Deliver flowers!