Monday, December 3, 2012

Which piece of the pie are you willing to give up?

With the holidays upon usand the new year just around the cornerseemed like a good time to focus on our priorities.  AND, think about what to say "No" to.  A classic approach is the make a list of what's important to youright now.  Your list may include someor allof the following.  Or you can create your own list.  
Ÿ Career

Ÿ Health

Ÿ Wealth...material

Ÿ Family

Ÿ Social...personal relationships

Ÿ Education...personal growth

Ÿ Spiritual

Ÿ Recreational...leisure
Ÿ Personal...self

Then, draw a circle. Think of it as your pie and "cut" it into "pieces" to reflect the percentage of your waking life you will invest in each area. The next time you are about to say "Yes" to a new project, role, experience, committeecome to your pie and put your finger on the piece you're willing to give up. And, if you're tempted to make a New Year's resolution in 2013, read my post about setting goals first.  Happy holidays!