Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stay away from words that push your customers' buttons!

There are words that are guaranteed to tick off customers!  To push their buttons. They're like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

Here's a list for you to ponderand some suggestions for replacements:

Red flag phrases                                                          Calming phrases

You should have...                                             I can understand why you

You’ll have to...                                                  May I ask you to...

Why didn’t you?                                                 I can see why...
I have to                                                             I will, Let me, I’d be happy to
I’ll try                                                                   I’ll take care of this
                                                                           Let me see what I can do

I can’t                                                                  Let me find out for you

That’s not my responsibility                                I’ll find out who...

It’s not our policy                                                Here’s what we can do
                                                                           Here’s what you can do

But                                                                      And
No Problem                                                        You're welcome!
                                                                            I’m glad I could help…
                              I’m happy to…
                                                                            My pleasure…

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